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Screening for innovation

The manufacturing of ‘Viking’ industrial deck screen machines began in Hungary in 2016 after Norwegian entrepreneur and EydeScreen chairman, Stig Eyde, moved production here from Ireland. Director Tamás Maróthy has talked about this venture in the recent issue of Diplomacy&Trade.

“In this period of less than three years, we have produced and delivered almost a hundred machines, which is quite significant in our industry,” the Director of the Hungarian company, Tamás Maróthy tells Diplomacy&Trade, adding that the 100th screen will definitely be delivered this year.

He explains that production was set up about ten years ago by Stig Eyde who had an asphalt company in Norway but was not satisfied with the quality of the screen machines available. “Consequently, he developed one that we are manufacturing in Letenye, SW Hungary, in cooperation with local entrepreneur Lajos Benkõ. The Viking mobile deck screen machines are produced exclusively in Hungary and they are exported from here to Norway and nine other countries. We hope that by reaching this magic 100 number, it will be known for – and used by – more and more people in more and more European countries.”

The Director notes that “it is in Stig Eyde’s blood to continuously search for new things, for new connections. He is an extremely open person with extensive entrepreneurial spirit. I believe he inherited this from his grandfather, Sam Eyde. Through this equipment and manufacturing process, we have found a number of excellent partners in this country. Since our machine is connected primarily to recycling, we established cooperation with Professor László Aleksza and his company ProfiKomp in Gödöllő, east of Budapest. They are engaged in the recycling of biodegradable materials through the establishment of composting plants. They have now built our technology into theirs and the next step for us is to export ProfiKomp’s technology to Norway – and hopefully to other Scandinavian countries – because this is the future.”

The primary areas of use for the Viking screening machine is construction and civil engineering: bigger pieces of waste are broken into small ones and then categorized by size for further use. As for agriculture, since the ground in Norway is quite stony, this machine had been developed to screen soil to remove stones, roots, etc. and replace the soil now suitable for cultivation.

“The original idea was to move only the production to Hungary, but it was a very pleasant surprise that the East Central European market reacted to our product with such interest. The traditional markets were Scandinavia and Western Europe, but thanks to production in Hungary, there is also a great demand for this machine in this region, especially in Hungary,” Tamás Maróthy concludes.

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