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VIKING deck screen

Harsh conditions

Reliable deck screen

The VIKING will operate even in harsh conditions

The Eyde Screen Viking mobile deck screen has been specially developed for difficult conditions.

In the icy, remote places of Scandinavia, reliability is a top priority for equipment, as here it really matters how long a possible repair takes.

Easy to sell, quick return

Our VIKING equipment prices are in a range, which makes them extremely attractive for small and medium size businesses and family farms, providing for them an additional competitive advantage.

Viking for family farms

Great value for money

Quick delivery

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Quick delivery

Viking mobile deck screen machines and their spare parts can be ordered directly from our stock, so you will receive the screen deck machine within weeks after ordering!

No need to wait long months for delivery!

more benefits

Norwegian design, manufactured in Hungary

We are constantly developing the screen machines based on precise Scandinavian designs and customer feedback.

The 3rd generation VIKING machines are characterized by mature technology, reliability and stability.

Tamas Marothy - Stig Eyde

Scandinavian precision

Product development

Quality control for each unit

Warranty and service

During production, each process is under strict control.

We guarantee that the product is free from any manufacturing, technology or other defects. Each machine is inspected individually before shipment.

We provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all Viking products, including repair and installation costs during this period.

Easy to operate and maintain

The learning process is extremely fast, as the machine is easy to operate.

There are no hard-to-reach parts and complicated solutions. In the event of a technical failure, any technician can resolve the issue quickly.


Low cost maintenance

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During operation

Building material





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